Friday, April 24, 2009


This is the proposed front door. No window which is a downside, but It used to be my parent's pantry door. Their house was built around 1910 and the door is an original from the house with the layers of paint to go with it. I have chipped some of the paint off (probably lead based) and I'll take some paint remover to it soon. It is solid wood, but not too thick in some places.Only 22.5" x 75".

Front bumper rail removed

Most car trailers come with a front bumper rail that needs to be removed. While I was gone last weekend, Dad took care of it by cutting it off, sanding it down, and painting over it.

Change of plans

I've decided to switch from an entrance on the tail end of the trailer to one on the side of it. It will look a little different, but I think that it suits my needs best. It is hard to tell from the pictures that the loft will be on the front (left side from view of floor plan). This leaves the rear half of the house to have an open vaulted ceiling.
Current floor plan. Clockwise from the bottom left corner: toilet, closet shelves, closet with door, sink, under the counter fridge, drawers, gas 2 burner cooktop, counter with fold up additional countertop, desk around the corner, 6' long couch, propane heater, bookshelf, entry.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The foundation is poured.

I drove down to Olympia and picked this up used from Trailer Town. It was barely used for a year and then the guy traded it it for a 10,000lb beast. This is 7' x 16' with a c-channel frame and four electric brakes. We'll be taking off the front rail pretty shortly so that it won't get in the way of the house and some of the decking will probably be removed. But it is already treated wood so we won't have to change that. It came with pull out ramps that also won't be sticking around forever. It is rated for up to 7,000lbs and it cost me about $2100 after all the taxes, licenses, and such. So I'm good to go. It is time to adjust my floor plan and get this show on the road. I've been thinking about windows a lot lately.