Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tumbleweed Workshop in Vancouver

My dad and I went up to the Emily Carr Institute on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC for the how to workshop. We just did the first day about building tiny houses, while others stayed for the second day covering design as well. The information was probably more useful for me than for my pops since he has built many things before. It would be a bit difficult to condense into a posting, so I won't. Throughout the entire process I've been sure several times about my floorplan. I keep changing my mind, but I think that the one I have right now will do the trick. The important thing that it bears in mind is that I will be framing 24" on center. So all my windows conveniently fit inside of this framework and I am happy with it. Now I need to draw up my framing plans so that I know what my lumber needs are. Then I'll know what it will cost to get it framed and weathered in. I can't quite imagine doing all this for a much larger project. Oye! At any rate plans should be finalized and wood should be bought before I go to Sitka in June.