Thursday, June 11, 2009

Floor: Part 1

Monday, Dad and I took a crack at the floor. We got as far as framing the floor and bolting it down to the bed of the trailer and even through some of the angle irons. It is all 2x4 24" O.C. and it is exactly 8' x 16'.
First we framed up the longer end, then the shorter end, and finally the middle.
In the process of trying to make the whole thing level, we discovered that the trailer frame itself was high centered near the wheel wells. Both ends needed to be shimmed some so that it would start out closer to level. My dad kept on shaking his head. Shimming, apparently isn't very fun. The picture shown doesn't actually demonstrate how we actually shimmed. Plus there is more shimming to do before adding the insulation and the sub-floor.
I'm now up in Sitka for two weeks so not much will be done for a bit.

Getting Materials

I guess I won't start building until I have some materials. So I went and collected everything needed to build the floor.
2x4's treated and untreated
1/2" bolts, nuts, fender washers, lock washers, and brackets
polystyrene insulation and spray in filler
3/4" t&g plywood
The 4x8 sheet goods fit in the back of my mini-van!