Monday, December 24, 2012


I just realized I finished the floor over a month ago now. It is essentially de-co-padged maps with many many layers of water based floor grade poly on top. I spent more than a couple weeks getting a desirable thickness, but it is ever so fun.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Propane and Wall

We had an open house here last night (for the house and a going away party for someone else). I finished several things off just in time. Both the heater and cooktop are now hooked up and ready to go. The wall has tongue and groove. The sink is in place, but still needs plumbing. The trash can drawer slides out smoothly. Lots of people just thought my sawdust composting toilet plan is weird.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some stuff done...

So since the last post some things have been finished, but many others are only half done.
Ladder- done and installed
Kitchen Cabinet under the counter- done, but needs sanding and painting.
Propane- plumbed the black pipe underneath and up through the floor. We are still waiting for some hoses/fittings/regulators to come in the mail next week.
Heater- now fastened to the wall
Propane tanks- In place and waiting to go
Shelf Wall between the bathroom and living area- built and sanded. Needs paint and tongue and groove pine on the living area side. There are clear sliding doors to the shelves on the bathroom side.

Next up
Finish Pocket Door
Plan remaining built-ins

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exterior Paint

The exterior painting is done. Drew and I disagree on whether the vertical boards on the corners of the house should be blue. Since I was the one painting, they are white. The door has been the bane of my existence, but is partially primered. Eventually, it will be a medium teal color.

Pocket Door

The pocket door between the main area and the bathroom is made out of leftover t&g pine. The side you can't see looks exactly like the walls. Some oak still needs to be added around the circumference for trim. Dad did a nice job of recessing the track in the ceiling.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some finishing touches done

We got the 24" ceiling fan up and having the extra air movement is great. Especially since we started sleeping up in the loft where there is a little more room. Juno loves to come up and take naps, but Lucy will only come up if you stay too.

Worm Bin

So I got this crazy idea that I should have a built in composting worm bin. So I went to my local cash and carry and picked up a couple serving trays. I like the tray system the best because they have the worms sort themselves out for you. I guess we will see. If it doesn't work, it was a fun idea and I made it out of left over tongue and groove pine scraps.